H.V.A.C. - Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning

AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Effeciency (gas)

S.E.E.R. - Seasonal Electrical Efficiency Rating

Temp. Rise - The amount of S/A temperature over the R/A temperature

Temp. Drop - The amount of S/A temperature under the R/A temperature

S/A - Supply Air (outlet air)

R/A - Return Air (inlet air)

UV - Ultra Violet Light (tested and proven to be excellent source of air purification)

CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute

BTU - British Thermal Unit

Thermostat - Device that reads room temperature and tells your heating or cooling unit when to operate

R Value - Term used to measure the level of effect of products that lower temperature transfer

F/A - Fresh Air

Energy Star - EPA rating given to products that exceed a standard efficiency level of operating costs of H.V.A.C. equipment

E.P.A. - Environmental Protection Agency

Humidity - Level of moisture present within the air

C.O. - Carbon Monoxide, A.K.A. Odorless Silent Killer

Filter Resistance - The amount of restriction in path of air flow

F.D.O.T. - Federal Department of Transportation

Gasline Service Entrance - The portion of gas line from utility company's main transmission line to your structure

FLUE - The object which carries exhaust gases from your gas appliance to the outdoors.